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  • Why should I Use IMOK Instead of My Insurer?

  • Would It Affect My Premiums if I Chose a Hire Car from My Insurer?

  • Are there Additional Costs if I Chose a Hire Car from My Insurer?

  • Will My Insurer Provide Like-For-Like Replacement Vehicles?

Even if you had been paying for a Hire Car option on your Car Insurance Policy:
  • Yes, Premiums will increase as Insurers typically will require you to lodge a claim in order to receive your Hire Car, which will impact your Premiums to increase even though the accident may not be your fault.
    • However, by using IMOK not only does your Premiums not get impacted negatively but we can also manage your claim on your behalf like any Insurer would
  • Yes, on top of Premium Increase you will typically be required to pay for additional fees such as Excess Reduction​
    • However at IMOK, you will receive all the benefits such as Excess Reduction for FREE along with your FREE Replacement Car​​
  • No, Insurers usually will not provide you with a Like-For-Like Replacement​
    • However at IMOK, we will provide you with a Like-For-Like Replacement which includes Prestige and Luxury Vehicles
  • Are There Any Costs At All Through IMOK?

  • No, there will be absolutely no Costs or Hidden Costs at IMOK unlike with Insurers and such where you will be charged additional fees for benefits such as Excess Reduction.

    There will only be administration fees payable if you have failed to arrange yourself an E-Toll Pass or incur a Traffic Fine in which case we would have to arrange for them to be directed to you.

  • When Will I Receive My Replacement Vehicle?

  • You will receive your Replacement Vehicle as soon as your own vehicle is Undrivable either due to an accident or commencement of repairs until your repairs are complete or until you receive your Total Loss Settlement payment if your vehicle was written off.

  • Other Providers Charge Excess. Does IMOK Charge As Well?

  • No, we do not charge any excess. You will be protected by Insurance with an excess amount of $0 provided you act in accordance with our terms and conditions and do not make any breaches or serious breaches.

  • Why Should I Be Cautious When Choosing A Provider?

  • Even though they may provide free hire cars, Providers vary drastically when it comes to procedures. See below for some common examples.

Other Providers (Including Large Companies) May:

  • Charge a significant amount of Excess for any damage made to the Hire Car regardless of who is at fault. This includes very minor scratches

  • Charge cleaning costs at high rates even if the Hire Car is returned reasonably clean

  • Not even provide Like-For-Like Replacement Vehicles

  • Not operate where you live despite advertising themselves as Nationwide

  • Not Act In Your Best Interests Overall

Our ultimate objective is to ensure our customers are all OK in the end of the day despite an accident, hence our name. We are:

  • Fair, Honest and Transparent;

  • Secure;

  • Helpful;

  • Legitimate; and

  • Have Competitive Benefits and Services

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