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Become Our Business Partner


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Our Ambition to Grow as a Business and to Help Many People Nationwide Allowed us to do Something Innovative Due to Some Restrictions with Regards to Delivery Destinations for Certain Areas Across Australia and Frequently Reaching Full Capacity Due to Increasing Demands. This has Spurred Us to Develop a New and Unique Service in the Industry that Allows Private Vehicle Owners to be able to Register their Own Vehicles and Earn Income as well.


Our Business is Unique and Very Different to your Typical Rental Car Business, which is exactly why your Income will be much more Profitable, Reliable and Consistent via IMOK than any Ordinary Rental Car Business. Why? Because We are the Only One! So Take Advantage of Our Unique System Now and Join Us in this Revolutionary Journey Towards Financial Independence.

Become Our Business Partner


  • 1 Day Rental Earnings (with I'M OK) = 2 Days Earnings on Standard Platform

  • You can choose to earn more per day by choosing an option to receive "Excess Reduction" payments which will boost your earnings up to 200%. (All Carshare companies offer customers this option but just simply keeps all the Excess Reduction payments for themselves)

  • Drivers are more Mature, Sensible and have more Safer Drivers at I'M OK due to stricter requirements regarding Age and Driver's Licence

  • Statistics show that it is safer for Vehicle Owners to rent out their vehicles in our industry than the Standard Rental Industry or Carshare Industry


  • Statistics show that the number of Insurance claims lodged as a result of Borrowers causing damage within the Accident Replacement Vehicle Industry is Low as opposed to the Standard Rental Industry which had a High number of claims lodged. This has eventually led to Insurers pulling out of contracts insuring Carshare platforms or went out of business.



If You Are Only After A Quick Buck In The Short-Run With Inconsistencies And Smaller Revenues, I'M OK Might Not Be For You. Reason For This Is Because Once We Have Built A Relationship, I'M OK Would Like To Maintain A Long-Term Business Relationship With You And Consistently Allocate You For Any Upcoming Rental Bookings Near You.

Become Our Business Partner



Register Your Vehicle

We will review your application to assess whether your vehicle condition meets our standards and will make a decision


Job Accepted

Once you have accepted the job, the Authorised Drivers will be listed on the Insurance Policy. We will also pay you a deposit for the rental booking


Pick Up Vehicle

Upon completion of repairs on our customer's vehicles, you will pick up your vehicles. You will just need to assess your vehicle with our customer to ensure no damage was made to it during the rental period


New Rental Jobs

If your vehicle meets the Like-For-Like category of our customer's vehicle, we will send you notifications via your preferred method of contact (Mobile App, SMS or Email)


Drop Off Vehicle

You will drop off your vehicle and it's keys to our customer. The most common Drop-Off location is the Panel Repair Shop our customers will be dropping off their vehicles at


Receive Payment from I'M OK

Rather than our customers, it will be us paying you for the rental costs, which is why you can be confident that the payment will be made

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